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Socks By Activity

Do you hike, backpack, ski, snowboard, bike, exercise, hunt, etc? One pair of socks can't provide the comfort you needed for each of these sports. It is time to get rid of those plain white socks made of 100% cotton and step into some of the most comfortable socks on the planet! Fox River and Wigwam design socks that provide maximum comfort for each sport that you participate in. When you're active, you sweat. You need a sock that wicks the sweat away and keeps your feet dry. You also need a sock that is cushioned in all the right areas. Our running and cross training socks are designed to support the arches in your feet to promote foot care and prevent injury to the feet. Our ski and snowboard socks are designed not only to keep your feet warm, but they also have extra padding to make up for where your boots left off. Do you have trouble with smelly feet or foot odor? Many of our socks contain the world famous XStatic Silver fabric with antimicrobial silver that eliminates those unwanted odors.

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